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Book Launch: Book of Wonders, Melbourne 2007

Special Events

                       Book Launch
                       Arabic Diglossia in the Age of 
                       Globalization and Satellite Media

                       Award for Excellence 2009
                       Ali receives Victoria's Multicultural
                      Commission's Award for Excellence
                       in Service Delivery-Education

                       New Book Release
                       Optimality in Translation
                       By Ali Darwish

Book Promo: Arabic Diglossia, 2009

Book Launch: Arabic Diglossia, Sydney 2010

" To remain unacknowledged is to remain free."
                                          Ali Darwish, 2007

                       Book of Wonders
                       Launch Speech Highlights, 2007
                       By Ali Darwish
                       Click on image.

                       Translator's Guide
                       Launch Speech Highlights, 2001
                       By Ali Darwish
                       Click on image.

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