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Terminal Love (2009)
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Never the Same

Not today; nor tomorrow
Shall ever be the same;
The past never was anyway;
And today cannot redeem the claim
That tomorrow will ever be free
From love forever bound to sorrow:
Love cuts deep like a sword
And burrows
In wounds half healed and harrows
In broken hearts with broken arrows;
Love rents and tears the battered mind
And the shattered spirit of love declined!
Not today, nor tomorrow
Shall ever erase or rewind
The feelings of love your essence ignites
Or the passion and elation your heavenly scent inflames!
All mortal wounds are healed with your smile;
And time stops at your feet;
Lost of rhythm and rhyme and beat!
But my wounded heart will not heal
As I feel the pain in exile!

Not today; nor tomorrow
Shall ever be the same;
The past never was anyway;
Until you came;
And today cannot redeem the claim
That tomorrow will ever be free
From pain forever bound to pain!

2009 Ali Darwish

There Was A Time

There was a time when I had the world
In my palm;
When you were by my side;
I was so happy inside;
I was the richest man in the world;
Empowered by love beyond redemption;
By your presence;
And heavenly beauty!
There was a time
When I was so proud
Of being with you;
So madly in love with you;
With passion unparalleled;
And intensity unabated!
There was a time when I could see the world
So clearly through your eyes;
Life held no surprise;
I had all the treasures in the world
In your hazel eyes!
Now that you have gone;
My deepest fears have come true;
I have lost my fortunes;
Although I still love you!
No riches or treasures in the world
Make up for your loss;
I am a poor man,
Without you!

2009 Ali Darwish


Never in my life
Did I ever want to have a tattoo!
Never believed in body adornment
Or in self-decoration;
Or in what some people might call self-mutilation!
Lovers came and went
And that was all they meant;
Not until I met you;
And fell in love with you;
I have tattooed you on my arm;
With washable ink;
Just toying with the idea
Of making you part of my physical being
And part of my material existence;
Perhaps it might work as a charm;
To bring you to me!
I might have one done one day
With indelible dye;
I might just try
Before I die of sorrow and rejection!
But one thing for sure:
I have tattooed you in my heart;
Because I love you more than you think;
And that is in permanent ink!

2009 Ali Darwish

Does the Wind Feel Your Magic?

Does the wind feel your magic
As it carcasses your hair?
And does the night go into a trance
As your fragrance fills the air?
What heavenly beauty
Makes the world embrace
The moment of your charm
When you step outside into the world!
And what awesome joy your presence brings!
God made you of special stock
And time stopped the clock
When you walked down the street!
Contrasting tunes with no strings
Fair from fair will never dare
To reach your sweet ankles!
O heavenly beauty!
Your magic will forever persist
And my heart will forever insist,
As you smile,
With every heartbeat,
Never to resist your charm!
O heavenly beauty
Let me die at your feet!

2009 Ali Darwish

The Oracle (2009)

Time for a Change

Time for a change,
If artfulness doesn't woo,
And the words "I love you"
Time for a change,
If constancy doesn't sell;
And sincere emotions take you every time to hell!
Time for a change;
If consistency cannot do
And honesty cannot for once imbue
Your soul with ecstasy
And hue!
Time for a change;
If the words "I love you"
Do not go down well,
Despite all the coins you throw
In the wishing well!
And all the prayers you sing!
Time for a change!
If all things outrange,
And all words sound so strange!
Time for a change;
Despite the feelings in your heart that won't change!
Time to fly away; to take wing!
Time for a change!

2009 Ali Darwish

The Last Man Standing!

When the dust settled
And the mushroom cloud lifted;
And the nuclear fallout covered the ground;
The last man standing was a woman!
All stark naked, dazed and disengaged;
All alone and not a soul else around!
When wars, plagues and disease
On land, in blood and airborne;
Killed off all men with ease;
And all baby boys arrived dead born;
The last man standing was a woman!
No sperm, no gene and no man to re-create
A lost world with no men, semen or lubes
To give birth to baby boys in tubes!
When boys, their toys were guns;
And men, they killed for fun
And whatever demons they invented!
With against and with with us;
The turnstile doors turning thus!

When the dust settled
And the mushroom cloud lifted;
And the nuclear fallout covered the ground;
The last man standing was a woman!
With no scorn, pain, or jilt,
But all alone, dazed, scared and wilted.
In the beginning she bore their sin
For bringing love, joy and sensation
To a dull world; ensconced in fear;
And near the end she wore their guilt!
When the dust settled
And the mushroom cloud lifted;
The last man standing was a woman!

2009 Ali Darwish 

The Black Hole

There is no need to give
Further examples;
Whichever course we care to take
Will lead us to some end
Desired, willed, or undesired;
Or to some impasse,
Or a black hole
That turns us into spaghetti,
Or a mirror on the wall
That tells it all!

To stay the winding course might prove to be too hard;
So let us pretend
The road ahead is clear;
And let us transcend
The unwillingness of the stubborn mind
To travel beyond the tangible;
And beyond the visible-
All things are divisible
By one;
Except a singularity:
Where the space and time we think we know
Cease to exist,
And all matter doesn't matter anymore!

The goals might remain unfulfilled;
As the troubled hearts cannot be stilled;
And the spitfire brains, with unswerving tenacity,
Cannot desist
From the pursuit of lore!
But the course is set
Desired, undesired or willed
Will lead us to an exit door!

2009 Ali Darwish

The Peas and the Pod!

Like knows like
And the two were alike;
Competing, contesting and contending
In their rivalry;
Never pretending;
Their arrogance unsurpassable;
Their aggression still untold!
Like knows like!
Dogs never each other bite;
Never go unprovoked into a fight;
Although they may occasionally bark;
Yet they never trespass or overstep the mark!
And thieves never rob thieves;
Forever their thieves' honor they uphold;
And liars never have a long memory;
Like knows like;
And the two are alike;
Two peas in a pod;
Making the beast with two backs;
Beguiling and beguiled;
As they run wild!
With little care and restraint!
Like knows like
And the two are alike;
With twin shadows that cannot lie
Despite the masking layers of paint!

2009 Ali Darwish

The Trundle of Time (2000)


Home aint home no more,
As I stood outside my door -
Of all the places
Hiding spaces
Home was always home -
My refuge,
My haven,
My comfort zone:
Home was always home!

Since she broke my heart
There's no where to start
To rebuild my shattered dreams
And so it seems
Home aint home no more!

As I turned the door knob
My heart could no more throb
As it used to do every time I came home
To be with my love
My lucky charm!
Home aint home no more!

As I walked through the door
I could hear the laughter of my kids
Vibrating through my ribs ...
I could picture their cribs
And the playful time we had!

Home aint home no more
As I stood outside my door -
Of all the places,
Hiding spaces,
Home was always home-
My shelter
My hideout
My port!
Home aint home no more!

As I lay down on the floor
Staring at the naked ceiling,
I had just an eerie feeling
That I was not at home!
Home aint home no more!
Candle lights and a dying fire
A broken heart,
Glinting embers in my hearth!
Sparkless wine!
Empty space! Vacant faces! Fading, fading, dying out!
Home aint home no more!
As I stood outside her door!

2000 Ali Darwish

It Stood to Reason

It stood to reason
It stood to reason to find you here,
After so many years
Of wandering in one space
Of wondering about this place!
It stood to reason!
The changing season
Of my years have taught me to be wary
Of total strangers,
Have made me weary of false friends
and ingenuity -
Of quickly hitting it off and
Embracing with open arms
Those who pretend to be soul mates!
It stood to reason to find you here,
Waiting for me after so many years!
There is danger in totality
In letting go of one's intuitions
One's instincts and fears!
There is risk in losing one's space,
Of constantly smiling
In revealing one's inner self and vulnerability!
In being in touch with one's own feelings!
It stood to reason to find you here -
There is comfort in solitude
In working out the mind
Sitting by the glowing fire inside!
It stood to reason!
To find you here!                                                     

2000 Ali Darwish

The Wasp and the Bee (2007)

Autumn Leaves

Falling like autumn leaves
On the footpath of life;
One by one, leaf by leaf
As the hand of Time unweaves
The rainbow of desires,
And the glowing fires
Fade away!
It's suddenly getting dark and cold;
In a blink of an eye, we're now old;
Shivering and quivering; yet we're still in May,
Or is it just the beginning of spring? 
Bidding this world goodbye;
Too soon!
In a gust of autumn wind;
Blown away,
As we try to cling
To the last spindle thread of hope!
Is there a gold pot at the end of the rainbow?                                    

2007 Ali Darwish

Born with a Smile

I was born with a smile on my face.
I was so happy to join the human race!
Now that I have seen where I have been,
Trying to find a place for my soul,
Walking in the shades of sidewalls,
And the shadows of betwixt and between;
Everywhere I look, people are so mean.
Everywhere I turn, the world's in disgrace!

I was born with a melody in my heart;
I was glad to begin from the start,
In this world, with love, joy and grace!
I was so happy to join the human race!

But now that I have endured the pain,
I have finally realized how inane
It is to believe in humanity!

2006 Ali Darwish

The Errant Eye

I have an eye with mind of its own;
Looking here and looking there;
Looking around and everywhere;
Leaving nothing alone!
I have a mind with an eye of its own;
Looking here and looking there;
Inside the box; outside the square!
Leaving nothing alone!

2007 Ali Darwish


You don't have to be a slave to be enslaved,
Or placed behind bars to be imprisoned.
You don't have to be in chains to be enfettered!
Or a sinner to fall from grace!
Freedom is an illusion,
A mirage, a hallucinating dream,
A clown that lies to your face!
Freedom is an illusion, and
Slavery takes more subtle forms; it's indirect and sly.
It steals its way into our very souls, our very existence!
Slavery in relationships, in friendships, and social protocols!
Freedom is a whore amid the chaos and confusion,
In the brothel of time, has lost her way; in the corner of a sleazy bar;
Still afraid, embarrassed to reveal herself, to make love, the prude, is still shy,
Does not want to be seen!
Yet, still keen!
Freedom is a whore
That allures and deludes, tantalizing and titillating.
And we are but mere fools chasing after a deceptio visus,
Freedom is a fantasy!
Freedom is an illusion that forever defeats us.

1995 Ali Darwish


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