The Twelve Apostles Coast of Victoria
Children's and Other Stories in English and Arabic

Radio Production

Poetry (Original Anthologies)
  • The Oracle (2009, English)
  • The Wasp and the Bee (2007, English)
  • Terminal Love (2008, English)
  • The Trundle of Time (2000, English)
  • The Echo of Silence (Arabic)
  • End of the Road (2008, Arabic)
  • Ready (1993, Arabic)
  • Afraid to Return (1993, Arabic)
  • Kankudai (To View the Sky), (Karate poem (1975, English) - single poem
  • Gankaku (A Crane on a Rock), (Karate poem, 1993, English) - single poem
  • Mokuso (Meditation), (Karate poem, 1993, English) - single poem

Music Compositions
  • Oriental Dream (2009 Album)
  • Eternal Love (2009 Album)
  • The Red Coat (2009 Album)
  • Creative State (2010 Album)

Comic Strips
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