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Here you can find information about my books and how to order them.  These books are in Arabic or English. Those in Arabic have chapter summaries and abstracts in English to give readers who do not know Arabic a clear idea about the content of each book.  

Translation Watch Quarterly

                      Australia's premier international
                      refereed journal of translation
                      studies. (2005-2009)


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                       The Interpreter's Guide

To enquire about or order any of these books, contact:

Writescope Publishers
PO Box 82
Patterson Lakes
Victoria 3197

email: writescope@optusnet.com.au

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Or contact:

James Bennett Pty Ltd
Unit 3 114 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale, NSW   2100

TEL +61 2 8988 5000   
FAX +61 2 8988 5031
email: uniadmin@bennett.com.au