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My name is Ali Darwish. Welcome to my website. I created this website in 1998 to share my work on translation theory and practice with those interested in translation studies and cross-cultural communication. This website, which is continually evolving, contains articles and papers that I have written over the past decades and information about books I have published about translation, cross-cultural communication, knowledge management, the media and related fields, in addition to other creative and literary activities. You will also find glossaries and references, which I hope you will find useful.

I have been involved in translation work since 1973 as translator/interpreter, educator and researcher, and as the founder and chief editor of Australia's first ever international refereed journal of translation studies (Translation Watch Quarterly). I am also the founder and director of Translation Standards Institute, the world's first translation-dedicated standards organization. Established in July 2003, TSI develops and publishes consensus translation standards relating to a wide range of knowledge domains and applications, and works towards translating professional knowledge into streamlined professional practices and standards.

I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in various roles and organizations, and over the years have diversified into other knowledge domains and successful professional endeavours in technical communication, knowledge management and business process management. These multidisciplinary endeavours have further enriched my translation experience. Translation, after all, is about life in all its facets.

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                       Ali receives Victoria's Multicultural
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Ali Darwish, PhD, MIS, MA, Pgrad Dip
Translation and Technical Communication Consultant

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